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ABS102 Treating Challenging Behaviour in Autism

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ABS102 Treating Challenging Behaviour in Autism



1.Read the following scenario, then complete the observation form.                                                                          Mrs. Smith tells the students to clear their desks and get ready for a quiz. John did not do the homework last night, so he does not know how to do the problems that will be on the quiz. John asked Mrs. Smith if the class can have 5 minutes to study for the quiz.  Her response is “No.” As she passes the test out, John asks Tiffany to keep her paper on her desk where he can see it. Tiffany is shocked, shakes her head to indicate no, and gives John a dirty look. John calls her a name under his breath, but it was loud enough for Mrs. Smith to hear. She writes a pass for John and refers him to the office for disciplinary action. As he is leaving, Mrs. Smith tells John he will receive an F as his grade for the quiz. John then knocks papers off the desk closest to the door and swears.  His classmates turn to see what he has knocked on the floor. Using the scenario described above, complete the A-B-C observation form below. The target behavior is disruptive: defined as talking out, inappropriate language, out of area without permission.

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