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Advanced practice nurse essay

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Advanced practice nurse essay

Advanced practice nurse essay:
Nursing is rated the first when it comes to the medical profession. An advanced practice nurse has the sole duty of providing primary care and preventative care to the patients. This kind of nurses may specialize in various areas of healthcare equipping them with clinical education. An advanced practice nurse has the knowledge and skills required in the nursing circle. It is essential for an advanced practice nurse to engage in activism given the scope of knowledge he or she possesses. Activism is crucial as it involves advocating for particular changes within a specific field. The healthcare sector is a vital area that requires policy change to improve the health services offered to patients.
Engaging in activism as a nurse is beneficial, as one becomes an advocate on behalf of the patients’, community and the organization as a whole. An advanced practice nurse who engages in activism works in close collaboration with government lawmakers at every level. These legislators’ need nurses who have a non-adversarial approach to assist them to come up with health policies for the health care organizations’. Nurses who are activists regularly champion for a habitable and healthy working environment (Wise, 2014). Such an environment works best for the patients as well as the staff working within the health organization.
A nurse who is an activist plays a significant role in the delivery of a working health care system. Nurses ought to be provided with opportunities and awareness on how to venture in activism. They are vital in the development and the implementation of health care policies (Forrester, 2016). Nurses understand health care better hence can offer great advice when passing such laws as they are equipped with knowledge and experience.
Advanced practice nurse essay

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