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BUS 1053 Corporate Social Responsibility

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BUS 1053 Corporate Social Responsibility

Each student will perform a social audit on a company in an industry. You are required to choose one (1) for-profit corporation from one industry and evaluate each organization’s
social performance based on independent research. Each student is responsible for preparing a snapshot of their chosen organization.

1. Students are to select a Canadian company in any of the listed industry below. Possible industries are:

1. Newspapers (daily)
2. Television station
3. Electricity generation and distribution
4. Residential housing construction
5. Pet food manufacturer
6. Breakfast cereal manufacturer
7. Soft drink manufacturer
8. Taxi service
9. Brewing
10. Supermarkets
11. Florists (retailers)
12. Tire manufacturer
13. Furniture and home furnishing retailers
14. Real estate agents

Students are to identify the main, or most important, issues by industry and reflect on if these issues affect their chosen company and to what degree.

A sample is attached.
The Assignment 3 Criteria:

The assignment will include:

1. An introduction and a brief profile of the corporation.
2. An identification of the relevant stakeholders and statements of their positions. You must use a stakeholder map or diagram with an explanation.
3. A description or definition of the issues facing the organization and industry.
4. A recommendation as to how business or the corporation should act or react to the issue.
The assignment should be viewed as a “brief” that you are preparing for a CEO or Board of Directors to familiarize them with the issues.

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