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BUSI1100 Business News Article Review

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BUSI1100 Business News Article Review



1. Discuss the major issues or opportunities that exist in the situation described.• If there is a problem or opportunity the business (or industry) is facing what do you think should be done about it (or what do you think will occur)? 3. Discuss at least 2 concepts that directly tie into the class material (in-class or textbook) *note when describing the concepts be sure to cite/refer to the text (or other sources) appropriately.You will be marked on the following:• Summary (complete yet concise, accurate, in your own words, source provided appropriately etc.) /2• Grammar and spelling /2 • Identified problem or opportunity and discussed solution /3 o Note: some articles may not have an identified problem. For instance, you may review an article that discusses a merger or acquisition that recently occurred. Since you would be hard pressed to find a glaring ‘problem’ associated with this, you may discuss the opportunity that caused this business transaction to occur. What is the logic behind it? Why would this particular company want to engage in this transaction?

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