Making goals is an important life skill and will help you achieve a variety of milestones, from the classroom to a future career to buying a house. Without goals it is difficult to choose your own path in life; decisions get made for you rather than you taking control of your choices. This assignment will […]

External and Internal Environments

The Company to use is Proctor & Gamble Make sure to use the attached template to complete this assignment. I have also attached a powerpoint on how to receive full credit for the assignment and I have attached Figures 2.1 and 2.2 that are need to complete the assignment. External and Internal Environments Overview In […]

Cradle to Jail Reaction Paper

Cradle to Jail Reaction Paper Directions Please watch the following documentary on the incarceration of American youth.  Given what you have learned during this course, identify the biological, psychological, and social factors that might contribute to the characters being caught up in the juvenile justice system. Provide recommendations for interventions that could help to reduce […]

Fire Protection Technology

Part 7: Scenario-Based Case Study For this assignment, you will submit Part 7 of the scenario-based case study course project, which is due in Unit VIII. You should evaluate and revise the recommendations, as needed, during the process for each previous unit as you learn more during the progression of this course. Please continue to […]


  Part 1: Post a Response This week you are exploring how emerging DNA technologies impact our society. View the NBC News story about CRISPR found at: https://www.nbcnews.com/dateline/video/life-changer-965215299885, then, address the following questions: What applications of CRISPR look particularly promising for improving human well-being? Justify your response. Discuss the ethical issues you believe have arisen […]

Absolutely Zero PLAGIARISM

  Reflect on how well you have achieved your outcomes at the halfway point of your practicum and the end of your Practicum I course. What does this achievement mean for you as a manager and a leader in the public health field? How will you change the world to improve its public health challenges, […]