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CIS111-6 Intelligent Systems And Data Mining

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CIS111-6 Intelligent Systems and Data Mining


1. which require predictive modelling, for example, in a Business scenario

2. Demonstrate results of using an efficient technique which is capable of finding a solution to a given predictive problem represented by a data set

3. Evaluate the accuracy of the technique in terms of differences between the predicted values and the given data

What do I need to do to pass? (Threshold Expectations from UIF)

1. Apply Decision Tree technique to solve the Bank Marketing task presented by a set of customer profiles

2. Analyse problems which are required to be resolved in order to develop a solution providing a high prediction accuracy on a given data set.

3. Identify a set of parameters which are required to be adjusted within DM techniques in order to optimise the solution in terms of prediction accuracy

4. Explain how the parameters of a DM technique influence the prediction accuracy

5. Run experiments in order to verify the solution designed on the given data set

6. Analyse and compare the results of the experiments in a group and with the known from the literature.

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