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COMM13729 The Art Of Technical Communication

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COMM13729 The Art of Technical Communication



ObjectiveYou are to write an informal report.The purpose of the report is to analyze what you are learning in this course. Your audience is faculty and potential employers. Use all the material that is being provided in the course. Choose three (3) aspects from the course.  For each one of these aspects, describe 1.what you are learning, 2.what you are doing (have done) to deepen your understanding of the aspect, 3.how you are applying it to your existing knowledge, 4.how does this new knowledge, or skill, impact your perception, your conduct, and your performance?5.how it is going affect your work, career, and your studies, 6.how it is going to affect your social interactions in the future, 7.how you can improve each of the three aspects, and 8.how you plan to hone the skill during the remainder of your program, and throughout your career. THIS IS NOT about your opinion, what you like or don’t like about the course. This is showing how you apply the aspects of learning from this course to your own life/learning

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