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COMM8090-Business Communicating

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COMM8090-Business Communicating


Write a Longer Reflection on your Culture Shock Experiences. 


1.All of you are International students and have moved to Canada from your home country to pursue an education. I am interested to learn about this transition and the culture shock that you may have experienced.

2.Create a written report about your culture shock experience and its effect on you. Each point should be addressed with its own paragraph. 

a.What worried you the most as you prepared to move? Did this worry turn out to be accurate? 

b.How long did it take before you were comfortable or content in the new environment? 

c.Can you, in retrospect, identify any distinct stages in your adjustment to the new place? 

d.Identify 2 or 3 specific things you did, consciously or subconsciously, that helped you to adjust.  

e.What lessons from this experience can be useful to you now?

f.What stresses are you experiencing? (If any). What are some things that you are doing to help you deal with the stress?

g.What advice would you pass on to others about to do the same thing?

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