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How Smoking Cigarettes Effects your Health Essay

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Several lives are lost annually due to cigarette smoking. Even as this happens, many people still opt to smoke without regard to the impending dangers. It is estimated that over 300 million teenagers smoke and 3000 smock daily. American lung association posits that 87% of lung cancers cases recorded are triggered by cigarette smoking. The productivity of smokers in the job market has been noted to reduce and especially for the addicts and those suffering from smoking infections. This makes the labor market lost over 90 billion dollars. Cigarette smoking addicts find it very difficult to quit smoking even though they know the dangers of smoking. Some of them site fear of combating withdrawal signs as the cardinal reason for not quitting smoking. This essay will illuminate the effects of cigarette smoking on individuals’ life.

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Even though studies have so far not implicated nicotine with carcinogenicity, it is a very toxic chemical and very dangerous when taken in large amounts. Perennial smokers stand high chances of developing almost all forms of cancers ranging from lung cancer to cancer of the bladder and stomach. Cigarette smoking largely aggravates the condition of the heart and the lung. For instance; Coronary artery and stroke mostly affect cigarette smokers. The results due to constriction of the blood vessels increase the rate at which the heartbeats. As a result, increased heart rate stresses the heart affecting the whole circulatory system. In addition, the presence of nicotine makes the blood to be sticky and thick leading to damage to the lining of the blood vessels. Fat deposits subsequently attach to the damaged blood vessels lining and thus leading to hardened blood vessels and difficulty in the flow of blood difficult, a condition referred to as arteriosclerosis. This leads to a condition known as painful neuropathy when arteries that nourish the hands and feet become blocked. This makes it difficult for the body to fight localized infections. Gangrene may result from such conditions leading to amputation (Department of Human and Health Services, p. 1).

Smoke inhaled by smokers has substances that are very dangerous to their health. These substances include tar, carbon monoxide, and hazardous hydrogen cyanide. The smoke also has some dangerous heavy metals and toxic free radicals. Tar stains the lungs and teeth as it is brown, sticky, and is a carcinogenic substance. Ulcers of the digestive system result from smoking cigarettes. Smoking results in the leeching of calcium of the bones which makes the bones of smokers weak and thus fracturing easily and especially the heap bone.

Carbon monoxide from the smoke combines with the hemoglobin thereby displacing oxygen carried by the blood. This cuts down the quantity of oxygen that can transport oxygen. The heart is overworked so as a result.

The ability of the lung to rid itself of poisonous substances is normally impaired by the presence of hydrogen cyanide, which interferes with the activities of the cilia. Accruing these poisonous substances in the lungs hinders blood being oxygenated. Freed radicals interfere with the heart muscles. In a blood vessel, the free radicals react with the cholesterol to form plagues thereby enhancing damages to the artery. Arsenic metals found in the smoke cause cancer. Heartburns and ulcers trace their origin from stomach acid secretion that is enhanced by smoking (Department of Human and Health Services, p. 3).

Smoking impacts the human reproductive system. Research shows that women smokers do miss their periods.

Because the rate at which teenagers take to smoking is alarming, government agencies and NGOs should consider coming up with mechanisms to curb these worrying statistics. Smokers confide that they find it very difficult to quit smoking because of the effects of withdrawal signs. Therefore, the sure way for teenagers who may be contemplating beginning to smoke is to stay away from it. Smoking is a risk factor in almost all cancers.”

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