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MAN6041 Executive Manager

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MAN6041 Executive Manager

Create and upload a 10 minute video which incorporates all of the following elements: 

1.Part One: ‘Managers need to be reflective professional practitioners in order to be effective at work. More importantly, they need to have a growth, rather than a fixed, mindset.’ 

Create a well-reasoned and balanced argument using relevant theories, models, concepts and examples to critically evaluate what this means to you and what the implications are for your working experiences during your career. 

2.Part Two: Building on your analysis from Part One, critically evaluate your own current and future management competences. What examples, using specific evidence (including evidence of your learning from your in-class activities), can you provide to demonstrate your approach to your own reflective professional practice at work and/or from your co-curricular activities? You should rate each competence with a score out of ten for each example, showing your strengths and your areas for development. 

3.Part Three: In order to address your findings from Part Two, create a personal development plan with clearly identified short, medium and long term measurable (SMART) objectives and actions. 

4.Part Four: Present your information in a logical and clearly structured way which is appropriate to the target audience (employers). 

Included within the 10 minutes, you must also provide a short video clip lasting 1 minute (60 seconds) to be shared later on your LinkedIn profile.  This is to show your future employer: 

a)What you have learned about your management competences during this module (for example what you have achieved for your top three competences)

b)What you can offer to that employer (for example what makes you unique and, therefore, employable).

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