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MBA401People Culture And Contemporary Leadership

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MBA401People Culture and Contemporary Leadership

Assessment Description

In recent weeks you have been exposed to a range of content exploring people and organisation’s; strategic human resource management; leadership and performance; leadership development and effectiveness.

For this video presentation, you are required to select a business leader of your choice (it can be from Australia or overseas). However, it cannot be from the organisation/company that you chose in Assessment 1. You CANNOT select Political or Religious Leaders. Your choice of a “business leader” will provide you with an opportunity to analyse their contribution to the success of the business. Your presentation should address the following questions:

1. Describe at least two (2) key factors that in your opinion make your chosen leader successful?

2. Identify at least two (2) keys ways that you can measure their effectiveness?

3. How has their performance as a leader contributed to organisational/company success?

Assessment Instructions

To ensure the success of your video presentation, you should take account of the following:

1. You are required to appear on the screen and ensure that your voice can be clearly heard;

2. Record the video in a quiet location so that background noise and interruptions are minimized;

3. Talk to the camera instead of reading your notes;

4. Be creative, a good presentation is not just about the content but the way that you present it; and

5. Practice numerous times beforehand and/or with a friend so that you are confident.

You should refer to at least three (3) relevant theories/concepts that you have covered in the subject in your presentation to support your answers. You are required to demonstrate your use of references/resources in your video. Discuss with you lecturer ways in which you can do this. You are required to submit a ONE (1) page summary (not a script of your presentation) of the topic of your presentation including references

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