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MGMT 263 Organizational Behavior

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MGMT 263 Organizational Behavior

Working by yourself, watch a movie that dramatizes an organization or an individual’s work experience (e.g., Monsters Inc, The Devil Wears Prada…the list could go on forever). Write a summary that identifies two organizational behavior theories or concepts (ones that have been studied in class) and explain how they apply to the events depicted in the film.

The purpose of this assignment is to have you make connections between what you are experiencing and learning in the classroom and what you see in the movies (and in real life). Your goal will be to impress your instructor with your knowledge of organizational behavior and your ability to see its application in the world around you.

This assignment will be evaluated on:
Content (definition and illustrations of appropriate theories using your own words)
The ability to demonstrate why the concept or theory is essential to understand
A clear connection between the course material and the movie
Writing clarity including appropriate referencing, grammar, organization, and spelling

Please limit assignment length to two pages single-spaced, not including the reference page. It is strongly recommended that very little space be devoted to plot summation but ensure that you provide enough detail for someone who has not seen that particular film to understand the arguments. 

All materials used for the completion of this assignment (including the textbook) must be cited appropriately. A reference page must be attached, and all referencing should be done using APA style.

Note: this means you must reference all information presented in your assignment that comes from a source other than your own arguments and conclusions (not only direct quotes). Direct quotes from another source must be indicated by being enclosed in quotation marks (“……..”) followed by the appropriate citation [eg. (McShane, Steen and Tasa, 2015, p. 3)]. Please also note that large amounts of direct quotations, even when adequately referenced, will detract from your final grade on the assignment.

Your instructor wants to read your thoughts and interpretations in your own words so that your understanding of the material can be appropriately assessed. Small amounts of direct quotations are appropriate only to enhance or illustrate a point, not as a replacement for your own thoughts and words.

This is not a group project, and all students are expected to submit original work. Failure to do so will result in a 0 on the assignment and quite possibly more serious consequences. Late assignments will not be accepted unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor.

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