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Nanoscale Silver and Stem Cell Research Research Paper

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Finding the silver lining in some things might seem very difficult. However, with the emergence of nanoscale silver, it’s becoming much easier. Nanoscale silver is an antibacterial and antiviral chemical being marketed for use in wound and burn dressings. Some opponents have said that not enough research has been established to ensure the safe usage of nanoscale silver and question its effectiveness over similar products. For example, treatment for pancreatic cancer can be more efficient and successful using stem cell research. Nanoscale silver does serve certain medical situations.

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The bacteria fighting nature of silver has long since been used small scale medical and other cleaning activities. However, the extended use of penicillin and other popular medicines led silver to be placed behind the competition. Large companies, Curad and Samsung, are both using nanoscale silver for antibacterial and antiviral applications. Curad, a large scale first aid distributor, wants to see the market continue to increase. Estimates are that the market will hit $3 trillion by 2014. (Hening, 1). Samsung’s applications of nanoscale silver include disinfecting laundry and dishwashing machines. The costs of this technology are relative when weighed against the repeated use of inefficient over the counter and prescription drug use due to bacterial and viral infection.

Although nanotechnology certainly has its place in the antibacterial and antiviral fields, when it comes to treating cancer and perhaps curing it, the best possible choice it stem cell research. Doctors are able to identify and target those cancerous stem cells, instead of blanketing as many cancer cells within an area and hoping for the best. (Dunham, 10). Locating stem cells would allow the doctors to extract those root cells and then curtail if not completely eradicate pancreatic cancer. Since pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rate at just three percent, the benefits of stem cell research are immeasurable. This research also provides the best chance of finding effective treatment instead of retreads of older technology.

Furthermore, if by chance these cells could not be removed for various medical reasons, then stem cell research would also provide alternatives. Through operation or chemical treatment, doctors could alter the cells in such a way as to destroy the cancer. The cost benefit analysis of this position is outstanding. The first company to ever cure pancreatic cancer through stem cell research would not only set a historic precedent, but earn more than enough funding to expand research and development for years to come. Stem cell research, given the pancreatic cancer scenario, is the best option for a venture capitalist.

Technology has given every one new hope for a brighter future. Whether nanoscale silver or stem cell research, patients realize that the benefits of this technology go without saying. Nanoscale silver continues to be an emerging market for meeting antibacterial and antiviral needs. This technology has been used in both the medical field and homeware production. While silver provides many effective applications, stem cell research is the best alternative for curing pancreatic cancer. Although both markets look to see a significant rise in budgets within the nest few years, the benefits will remain priceless.

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