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ND301 Industry Placement

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ND301 Industry Placement



This assessment is designed to enhance your employability in the future, by assisting you to systematically identify relevant workplace competencies that you can develop further i.e. getting you career ready.
The report will use accepted academic frameworks, theoretical models and/or concepts to underpin its findings.
1. Industry Placement Review
Include a brief description of your industry placement position, tasks and roles. Describe the organisation and the industry it operates in. It is important to properly describe the industry and its broader employment opportunities.
Background Information: I worked at Big W company with two roles/positions: as a Service Desk associate and a Cash Office Associate. The Service Desk position is dealing with customer service, giving and receiving information and the point of contact of the customers. Whilst the Cash Office associate is dealing with any cash handling related such as receiving cash sales, reimbursing cash registers, banking and payroll related.
You may use the following resources:


2. Future Position Skills and Behaviours
Collect and present as much information as you can on the skills and behaviours required in the position/role of an Office Manager. It is important that you do not guess the skills and behaviours required for the position/role.
To gather information, use the following methods/references:

Job descriptions/roles from online employment marketplace such as SEEK website.


Interview with HR representatives or people already in the role
Book titled, Job Hunting for Rookies by Rob Yeung.
You may then use additional relevant resources. 

3. SMART goals and GROW model
Briefly define S.M.A.R.T. goals model and G.R.O.W. model and their benefits. Use them as a guide for preparation, goal settings and being a career ready.
Using these models, you must apply and make your own SMART goals and GROW model.

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