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Nursing: Far Reaching Profession

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Nursing: Far Reaching Profession

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Nursing: Far Reaching Profession

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Discuss about the Nursing for Far Reaching Profession.

It is worth noting that nursing is a far-reaching profession that needs to be accorded much attention. The health sector majorly entails issues regarding the patient thus codes of ethics should be observed at all time. The reason as to why standards should be found is because patients have their right that needs to be taken care of for the well being of their health. Nursing for a long time had been faced with challenges of ethical concerns that have led to patients feeling insecure in front of the Medicare providers who are believed to provide the best healthcare. Also, the professional codes of ethics, theories, and position statements are crucial to the nursing department in understanding their personal roles that are to be executed with or without being monitored.
Specifically, the case of Kamil Samra, the physiotherapist is more or less the same with the codes of ethics nurses require to embrace. The fact that Samra can witness the use of banned performance-enhancing drugs by the players and the huge amount of cash to be issued to him by the club management to keep silence on the issue creates a great commotion to the nursing department. Worse still Kamil has the responsibility of taking care of his old parents back in Lebanon, therefore, leading to an ethical dilemma. Therefore in-depth analysis of ethics of nurses on the case of Kamil Samra is bound to provide a green light to the subject.
Egan, McElmurry and Jameson (1981) postulate that professional codes of ethics governing the nurses dictate that nurses should highly value the quality of services they give to all the people. This case has it that nurses are supposed to be accountable for their actions in delivering real services to the patients. In this connection, they are expected to enhance excellent services provision by dictating the right medication to the patients according to the prescriptions emanating from the conditions of the patient’s health. There have emerged cases where nurses are reported to provide wrong medication to the patients who end up killing them or weakening them further (Bekemeier & Butterfield, 2005). This issue arises mostly due to ignorance and lack of competent Medicare. Therefore, to suit their skills and knowledge, nurses should be in the forefront to ensuring that patients receive best of their services. To add on that, nurses are entitled to firmly refuse to participate in the health treatments that according to their standard of the profession are morally or religiously accepted. For the case of Kamil, players are provided with performance enhancement drugs, peptides that are supported by the club the coaching staff. According to rules and principles that guide the nurses, Kamil is aware of health complications that might arise to the players due to the continued use of those drugs. Therefore, despite the fact that Samra is to be offered with large sums of money to keep silent on the issue, he directly breaks the law by standing on health grounds that are morally unacceptable. For sure he has the burden of checking his aging parents in Lebanon but that becomes a weak or else vague ideology as far as health of involved people is concerned. Therefore, Kamil should tirelessly fight this malpractice to ensure players remain safe and sound.
Cesanek, Stetson and Stewart (2010) indicate that nurses are guided by the codes of ethics that illustrate that they should value the diversity of the people. This is another basic guideline that assists the Medicare professionals to exercise their duties in an upright manner. The ethical aspect dictates that each and every nurse should respect the diversity of the patients or the interested parties (Tyer et al., 2009). In connection to that Medicare providers are entitled to acknowledging the values and beliefs of the people they are caring for without hesitating to apply the professional values that govern them. It is true that Kamil has been on contractual terms with the Australian Football League (AFL), yet he is a Lebanon native. It is expected of the club management to convince Samra to silence on the issue of drugs use because he is a foreigner and should not tamper with the activities of Australian people. That means, according to the club, he should accept the offer and deem the case closed. For certain nursing profession follows similar guidelines and undertakings that shape the healthcare providers to fit in all spheres of life.
According to Mateu (2006), understanding the language, beliefs, and perceptions of people is critical, but to some extent, it is illogical to allow immorality to thrive on nationality and cultures of individuals. Hence, Kamil should try as much as he can to stop the vice irrespective of where he comes from and the vague beliefs of people which are ethically wrong.
The codes of ethics guiding the nursing department dictates that nurses should value kindness and respect for self and others. This means that if nurses recognize their personal ethical values, it is also possible for them to comply with the value for others. In simple terms, Medicare providers should, first of all, accept that they are humans and the services they extend to the patients are just and fair in case the same treatments are provided to them in return (Berger, 2003). This issue becomes important because you cannot respect and show kindnesses to others if at all those values do not feature in yourself. Kindness and respect among the patients and Medicare providers create a good relationship that boosts healthcare provision to greater heights. Kamil Samra is a medical professional who apparently understands the dangers of consuming the banned peptides in the name of improving the performance of the players. Therefore, it is his responsibility to show kindness to the victims and teach caution the club management about the dangers of consuming the Thymosin beta-4 drugs. By doing so, he is directly saving portraying respect and kindness to the players by forming a good background for their current and future lives.
Ideally, nurses are guided by ethical practice that indicates that they should value informed decision making. These Medicare providers in several circumstances are faced with the challenge of decision making specifically due to the existence of severe patients or relatives who dictate for the nurses on the steps to be taken for their patient (Mohr, 1995). This restriction of decision making is not concrete enough to render the health care provider weak to neglect decision making in contrary to the appropriate ethical guidelines. This means that there is a need for further verification of the information provided to the nurses by the relatives of the ill person or other related parties. This takes care of the future implications to the victims in case decision-making platform not tolerated. Similarly, nurses are not entitled to work under pressure in a manner that would lead to poor decision making. Therefore, coercion and unnecessary convictions should be eliminated for the provision of quality health services at all time (Moxham, 2012). Kamil Samra is seen to be confused because of getting himself in a serious dilemma that is bound to weaken his decision making capability. As a professional, he should make his decision concerning the use of peptides about the stated norms and principles of the nursing career. Consequently, if his decision to condemn the use of performance enhancing drugs is just, no one else should divert his reasoning from the truth.
Different ethical theories pertaining nursing profession exist. Consequentialism posits that the right moral response is directly connected to consequence or outcome of the act (Duke & Northam, 2009). This implies that the soundness of any action taken by the Medicare provider towards the patient or the related person is determined by the results of that particular action. For instance, Kamil quest to have the drugs banned out of the playground can only be realized by the club management after the players are motivated to play and win matches without boosting themselves with the peptides. Also, by taking corrective measures related to the drug introduction to the players, Kamil will be offering the victims an opportunity to express themselves, therefore, leading to a conducive environment for everyone. Deontology is related to the respect and rights, and duties that see individuals as ends in themselves (Robinson, 2003). It majorly focuses on intentions, rules, and obligations of persons. This theory in one way or the other directs someone towards doing the right thing. Conversely, it is immoral to follow the rules and be constrained to own obligations without questioning some activities by the delegated authority. Kamil understands that he is under the AFL management and this might reduce him to nothing because he is a minor character. In light of this theory, it is critical move break the bounds and act according to the rules guiding nursing profession. His obligation as a physiotherapist should reflect a genuine meaning of his job irrespective of prevailing external forces.
Virtues are the value that one portrays while carrying out daily proceedings. The nursing department requires the Medicare providers to enhance the high level of positive attributes that determine the performance of their activities (Tarnow & Butcher, 2005). Samra should respond to the drugs concern by ensuring that he displays virtues of honesty and kindness by claiming justice for the players. The principlism is another important ethical aspect in healthcare. It highlights justice, beneficence, autonomy and non-malificence all of which are moral principles. By portraying such noble elements, there is compatibility of individual, religious and societal beliefs. The principal is crucial to the Kamil case as fighting for the rights of the players will ensure justice is sought. Additionally, anti-doping rule will be followed to the latter hence ensuring just productivity of the participants.
There exist legal considerations that healthcare providers must meet, failure to which severe penalties are borne by the involved individuals. According to Boutain (2005), Civil and criminal law address the issue of misconduct by the nurse to society or an individual. In this case, there are somber consequences that befall the culprits such as imprisonment and hefty fines. Further research done by Carpenito (2006), criminal activity undertaken by a particular nurse is highlighted as morally wrong, and it is prohibited by the law. This mostly happens due to the presence of negligent nurses who care less about the welfare of the patients. Mostly, these rare but severe cases are promoted through corruption whereby incompetent healthcare providers are absorbed into the public health sector. According to Grant and Vecchione (2011), there have been reported cases of doctor and nurses who give wrong medication to the patients hence affecting their physiological makeup and most probably causing death. In some instances, nurses are permitted to carry out minor operations such as midwifery, ending up causing unnecessary wounds to the patients.
Traynor (2006) posits that civil law concentrates much on the duties and rights of private persons. It is against the law to interfere with the health of a sound person since this might bring in complications due to unwanted stimulation of body system by the drugs. By admitting the offer, Kamil Samra will be going against the law and principles guiding the nursing association. This is because the health of the players is sound therefore introducing performance boosting drugs will do more harm than good to the associated individuals. Again it is against the anti-doping rule of sports authority to exercise drug stimulation intake. According to Fowler (2016), it is unfair to integrate drug usage in the world of sports due to the many consequences attached to the practice. This paves the way for undeserved wins for the drug using team against a transparent team that has been investing heavily in the physical exercise arena. On the other hand, there might be losses to the team that makes use of the peptides due to the injuries they might cause to their opponents. This is biologically explained in that our bodies tend to overreact on the drugs thereby leading to the abnormality that influences our modes of behavior. Incase drug testing is done; the team might be suspended from participating in any of the sports whether local or international. By doing so, the lives of players who solely get their daily bread from sporting are put at risk. Therefore, it is wise for Samra to deny the offer for bettering the lives of his players. By treating the ill protagonists, Kamil is being paid, and that money can be used to nurture the aging parents thereby it makes no sense to allow some atrocities to happen in the name of big money.
Conclusively, professional codes of ethics, concepts, and principles regarding the nursing profession have effectively been discussed. In light of values and other concerning revolving around the nursing department, it is crucial for every Medicare business to adhere to principles and personal reasoning aimed at bettering the lives of patients and other concerned people. The case of Kamil Samra has been analyzed therefore serving as an eye-opener to those nursing students who are preparing to exercise their skills in different career fields. In short moral behaviors should be enhanced at all time. 
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