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ORGB601 Human Interfaces

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ORGB601 Human Interfaces

Industry – banking (TD Bank) department- credit team of bank imagine you are the head of the sales team of the credit team whose main goal to meet the target to register more and more customers, but due to the policies ( customer profile , background , contact, etc.)of the bank office and front office they did not meet a target.

Imagine you are a manager in charge of forming a new team that you chose in Step  Apply the Model of Team Effectiveness (below) as you form your new team.

You are NOT starting a new company. You’re just creating a new team within an existing company. As you apply this model to your specific team, you may need to make some assumptions about the nature of the industry, task and group members.

That is fine. • For example, a group of 10 developers in a software company making a new program for some specific target of customers You need to consider all of these dimensions:

1. Context: adequate resources, leadership/structure, climate of trust, performance evaluation/ rewards

a. E.g. What kind of group-based rewards would be the best for your team? What is a specific example of group-based reward for your team?
b. What type of leadership and team structure is best fit for the team you chose? Why?
c. Think of other questions for other dimensions as you see fit

2. Composition: skills, personality, roles, diversity, size, members’ preference for teamwork

a. E.g. What kind of specific skills does your team need?
b. Think of other questions for other dimensions as you see fit

3. Process: common purpose, specific goals, team efficacy, mental models, managed level of conflict, accountability

a. E.g. How would you facilitate the development of mental models?
b. Think of other questions for other dimensions as you see fit

4. Work design: autonomy, skill variety, task identity, task significance

E.g. How would you design the job to increase each of these components?

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