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Role of an Advanced Nurse in LGBTQ

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Role of an Advanced Nurse in LGBTQ

Role of an Advanced Nurse in LGBTQ
Role of an Advanced Nurse in LGBTQ Health The role of a nurse if to ensure safe and quality health care for their patients. The nursing advocacy policies regarding LGBTQ health aim at improving health and safety of the individuals. Through the policy, disparities and discrimination will be reduced. Health care needs of lesbians, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer are inadequately addressed in nursing theory and practice. LGBTQ experience unique health disparities since they represent a unique population whose health needs are ignored. Nursing education barely mentions on the needs of LGBTQ and nurses are faced with problems when dealing with the patients who belong to this category. Lack of knowledge of special needs contribute to heterosexism and homophobia when taking care of these patients. Nurses therefore are obligated to use the available resources at assess and create care environment that ensures quality health care for the LGBTQ patients. In most situations, nurses do not offer any special care to the LGBTQ patients. It is important that a patient is offered care with regard to what they identify themselves with. Nurses achieve the identification concern through support of the patient population. By advocating for equal health opportunities, nurses contribute to the improvement health of the LGBTQ and also reduces health disparities. Some of the health disparities include increased patient longevity, reduced disease transmission and increased physical and mental wellbeing. The topic relates to Essential IV: health Policy and Advocacy. Nurses are advocates and influence policy making process by engaging with policy makers in matters relating to health. In this case, nurses advocate for equality in health care of the marginalized group of individuals. Works Cited Dilley JA, Simmons KW, Boysun MJ, et al. Demonstrating the importance and feasibility of including sexual orientation in public health surveys: Health disparities in the Pacific Northwest. Am J Public Health. 2015;100(3):460-7.
My viewpoint regarding the LGBTQ community is that they are in most settings looked down upon. What is LGBTQ? LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. These are people who are considered as a misfortune in some societies. In exhibit situation a large portion of the therapeutic experts have to deal with LGBTQ individuals with great care (Chiocca, 2015). In some cases however, they are sent away when they go to seek medical attention of any nature. This is a very bad practice in the nursing sector and it should be addressed to ensure that such people are treated equally just like the other groups of people.
Advanced practice nurses underpins the equal rights, benefits and opportunity of all people and condemns segregation in light of sex, sexual introduction, sex character, race, religion, incapacity, ethnic starting point, national birthplace or age. Sexual orientation and sex personality are essential parts of the patient population and they deserve better treatment (Chiocca, 2015). To help this patient population, arrangements on LGBTQ issues needs to be put in place and work to advice people about LGBTQ severance and mishandle. It is important to have approaches that speak for lesbian, gay, androgynous and transgender individuals’ rights, which must speak to a variety of characters and issues. Lesbian, gay, cross-sexual, transgender, and strange/addressing (LGBTQ) medical attendants constitute one of the biggest subgroups inside the calling of nursing, yet there is next to no observational research in the nursing literature and essentially no regard for issues of separation and prohibition in the work environment by nursing instruction or expert nursing associations (In Stanhope & In Lancaster, 2014).
One of the MSN Essential is the clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS), which pertains to the nursing advocacy policies regarding LGBTQ populace. This is a program that evaluates the cases and help in improving patient and population outcomes.
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