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TOUR2101-Key Markets and Distribution Channels

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TOUR2101-Key Markets and Distribution Channels

Assignment Overview

Learners will research and analyse revenue generation for one facet of the tourism industry from the list below: 

1.Water Excursion (could be whale watching, canoeing or kayaking, sailing or a cruise ship).

2.Accommodation (could be a full service property, a small boutique hotel, an airport based hotel, or a limited service rural property). 

3.Air (could be a helicopter tour, regional airline, charter airline, or an international carrier)

4.Land Transportation (could be rail (VIA Rail, Amtrak), international rail service or bus transportation).

Learning Outcomes

1.Describe what global tourism as designed by industry is. 

2.Explain all levels of distribution within the tourism industry, including how customer service plays a role within the distribution channels.

3.Understand tourism service providers and how they contribute to the overall industry i.e. Transportation, Accommodations, Food & Beverage, Attractions and Entertainment

4.Analyze how technology will bring efficiency, profitability and communication benefit to the industry.

Summary Of The Tourism Sector And Business Selected

1.Provide a brief overview of the sector you have chosen from the list above. (Is there growth in this sector, a decline or stable business operations)?

2.Next choose an actual business operating in the sector of choice and provide a summary of the organization. Your summary should include the organizations name, industry/market they are in, location, history and description of the organization’s services offered and any other information about the organization you feel is important and relevant.

3.(Research must be evident throughout).

Market Segmentation 

Review Module 2 content and associated readings.

1.Describe the customers your organization serves. Review their home pages to locate who they perceive to be their ideal customer and who makes up their secondary market.

2.What type of information should be included when researching their customers? Do

they focus on geographic, demographic, psychographic, and or product related characteristics, etc? Do they use a number of segmentation means to target market?

3.Who are their specialized tourist segments? (Business and Professional, Incentive, SMERFs, Mature, Special-Interest, etc).

Delivering Quality

1.Analyze where the business you’ve selected sits on the Goods/Service Continuum. What types of facilitating goods (tangible items) accompany the services being sold?

2.What are the “service expectations” surrounding the business and the products/services that are sold? How have these service expectations been developed?

Distribution Channels 

1.Which distribution channels do they utilize to market and sell their service/product? Could they look at incorporating another distribution means to sell their service/product to increase revenue? Elaborate on your thought process behind the selection of channels.

2.Do they limit the number of passengers or rooms that are sold using each of these channels? If they do, is this a positive? If they don’t, should this be reviewed? Provide your rationale.


Which technological advances have made the most significant changes in the sector you have selected?

1.How can you work with technological advances to enhance customer service?

2.How can you work with technological advances to increase revenue?

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