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TOUR2104: Sustainable Development

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TOUR2104: Sustainable Development



Purpose of the Assignment: To obtain a deeper understanding of the potential of business as a critical driver in sustainability.
In Chapter 4. we studied “Sources of Vigour.” As reviewed, a steady source of vigour is the United Nation’s plans for development, voiced through The Sustainable Development Goal. Select two multinational companies that are part of the World Index of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DSJI), and investigate what these companies do in respect of sustainable development. (The companies selected must operate in two different industries, for example, one could be classified under “Capital Goods” and the other under “Media & Entertainment”). Research and elaborate on how these businesses are creating positive change in conjunction with three
chosen SDG goals per company. For each company please choose one SDG goal that falls under “people, one SDG goal that falls under “planet, and one in which focuses on “prosperity.” (Be sure to use actual real-life examples in your analysis).
For example, in assessing Sodexo SA you could utilize the following three SDG Goals:
Goal 3: Good Health and Wealth Being
Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Goal 13: Climate Action

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